Warehouse Management



Project Name : Warehouse Management (Websites)

This site will help in maintain and planned resources effectively for different warehouse. As well as it keeps record online so admin can check and maintain data any time. This was specifically designed for organization which has so many warehouses nationwide. With the help of this web application they can verify all allocated and unallocated resources. If there is any deviation in it then they can plan accordingly.


Admin can maintain all master records as well as they have rights of maintain users.


There are mainly four regions covered in this application and no of circles under each region. Region user can check all transaction of those circles.

  • Each circle has so many warehouses under them and Circle user can check out all transaction of those warehouses.
  • User can change their user preference for each section. They can select field which they want to see.
  • User can export all the transaction history in to excel format.
  • User can short transaction with provided shorting criteria.
  • Users have facility of bulk transaction upload. With the help of it they can upload no of transactions within few seconds.