Timesheet Management



Project Name : Timesheet Management (Websites)

Timesheet and Expense Management is web based application. It can be used for only internal use of the company. Company can use it for maintaining and managing information about their employee's working hours and expense. Employee is allowed to work on multiple projects at the same day. Employee hours and expenses need to be approved by immediate supervisor. With the help of system different kind of reports can be generated which will be helpful for the company to take managerial decision. For Future Enhancement the System Shell Integrate with some of the Accounting Software's like Tally or QuickBooks.

A web based Timesheet & Expense Management is providing interface for submitting Employees timesheet & expense online.

  • System allows employees to enter their work & expense Detail on weekly basis.


  • System provides Functionality for managing Time & Expense Detail.

  • System provides Functionality to Administrator for Managing Time, Expense, Employee, Holyday etc.

  • System shall allow Supervisor or Immediate Manager to Approve/Disapprove the Time & Expense Sheet.

  • System shall generate different kinds of reports which will help to Administrator.

  • System Provides General Help for New User.

  • For large Organization this system is very useful and it reduces so much manual work.

  • System gives facility to Employee to enter their timesheet and expense detail from anywhere they just need internet connection for that.

  • With the help of System it will be easier for Administrator to get information of Employees past work hours and Expense.